The Department's equipment includes:


Gastrointestinal Tract Functional Investigations Unit:

  1. 13C breath tests - IRIS isotope apparatus, producer: Wagner, Germany
  2. 24-hour esophageal pH-impedance monitoring - ZepHr, producer; Sandhill Scientific, USA
  3. 24-hour pH-metry - Digitrapper, producent: Medtronic, USA
  4. Calorimeter with equipment, producer: Cosmed, Italy
  5. Electrogastrograph - Solar GI HRM, producer: Medical Measurement System (MMS), Holand
  6. High Resolution (Esophageal and Anorectal) Manometry, producer: Medical Measurement System (MMS), Holand
  7. Hydrogen and Methane Breath Test - Breath Tracker SC, producer: QuinTron Instruments Company, USA
  8. Pletyzmograph with equipment - BodPod, producer: Cosmed, Italy


Densitometry Unit:

  1. Dual energy X-ray absorptiometry - Hologic Discovery DXA system, producent: Hologic, USA



  1. ELISA equipment
  2. Gas chromatography mass spectrometry - Agilent Technologies 7890A GC System and 5975C VL MSD with Triple-Axis Detector, producer: Agilent, USA
  3. Advanced microwave digestion system, Ethos Easy, producer: Milestone, USA
  4. Nanodrop Lite Spectrophotometer, producer: Thermo Scientific, USA
  5. PCR - MJ Mini Personal Thermal Cycler, producer: BioRad, USA
  6. High-performance liquid chromatography Agilent 1100, producer: Agilent, USA
  7. Real-time PCR - CFX96 with HRM software, producer: BioRad USA
  8. Workstation for bioinformatics and machine learning.